Fraud Alerts

FRAUD Calls About Mastercard Debit Cards or VISA

Members are receiving phone calls stating that there Mastercard Debit or VISA card has been blocked please press one to continue.  THIS IS FRAUD!!!!  Please just hang up do not give them any personal information, account, or card numbers.  If you want to verify your... View Article

Personal Security Guidelines

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Here is a list of PERSONAL SECURITY GUIDELINES 1.  Don’t hook anything up to the internet unless absolutely necessary. 2.  If you do, make sure you keep all devices updated with vendor security updates. 3.  Consider using a firewall... View Article

Debit Card Blocked Automated Calls

We have been having members getting automated phone calls this week saying their Mastercard Debit Cards have been blocked.  They are asking you to push the number one.   They will also ask for your card number.  Please do not do this!!  It is FRAUD.  If... View Article

GTCU Vice President Phone Scam

A member received a phone call today from a gentleman that claimed to be the VICE PRESIDENT of Grand Trunk (BC) Employees Federal Credit Union.  He is not the vice president of the credit union and is just trying to get account and member information. ... View Article

“One Ring Phone Scam”

WEST MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Something known as the “one-ring phone scam” is sweeping the country. Here’s how it works. Scammers program their computers to blast out thousands of calls to random cell phone numbers. Those calls ring once and then hang up. If you... View Article

DISH Network Scam

If you are a DISH network customer pleae BE AWARE of this scam.  Customers are being contacted by people posing as DISH Network representatives collecting money for special promotions and or upgrades.  They may ask for payment from Western Union or Green Dot.  They may... View Article

Facebook Scam

Please be AWARE of a scam going around on Facebook.  People are hacking your friends accounts, friend requesting, and then private messaging you.  They start out acting like they know you and buddy up to you, and then they start asking for your personal information and... View Article

“Credit Card Disabled” Texts

Members of various credit unions have been receiving fraudulent text messages stating their credit card has been disabled and advising them to call 616-285-8994, at which point they hear an automated message telling them that their credit union is attempting to collect a debt from... View Article

Phishing Scam

A phone scam is going around right now where the call comes in blocked or from “000000”.  When you answer the call there is a automated message telling you that your debit or Matercard has been blocked.  If no one answers the phone, a voicemail... View Article

FRAUD Text Alerts for Debit & Credit Cards

Members are receiving FRAUD text alerts stating that their ATM/Debit Card and or Credit Card is blocked or deactivated.  It gives a number to text back the information to have the problem taken care of.  YOUR CREDIT UNION WOULD NOT TEXT YOU IF THERE WAS... View Article