Fraud Alerts

Automated Calls Requesting Card Number

REMINDER:  If you receive a call stating that your ATM/Debit Card has been deactivated or will be restricted unless you respond to this call DO NOT DO AS IT SAYS.  THIS IS FRAUD!!!  The calls are telling you to press 1 to talk to someone... View Article

“Payment Notification System” Fraud Email

Please be advised that some of our membership is receiving FRAUD emails from “Payment Notification System”.  It talks about how your ACH transaction is completed.  It will give an amount and say it has been successfully transfered.  There is an attachment to the email for... View Article

Be Watchful for Fraud Phone Calls

A couple of our members have experienced phone calls from people claiming to help them clean up their computers.  These people will use the information you give them to get into your computer.  You might not give them personal information, but if given enough time... View Article

Fradulent Direct Deposit Emails

Emails are going around with the subject line “Your Direct Deposit payment via ACH was declined”.  These emails are from  It does have false phone numbers.  THESE EMAILS ARE FRAUD!!!  Reminder to NEVER reply to or click on an attachement or website of any... View Article

Text Messages Requesting Card Number

DO NOT RESPOND to any text messages you may receive regarding your Debit Card.  They give you a number to call and ask you for Name, card number, and expiration date.  After giving all the information the call disconnects.  The Credit Union will NOT ever send... View Article

Fradulent Card-Activation Messages

DO NOT respond to a text or email message that you may receive that says your credit union card has been de-activated and is giving a phone number for you to call to re-activate it.  Your credit union will not send you these messages!  As always, please... View Article

ATM Safety

When using an ATM machine make sure to check the surroundings around you.  Make sure there are no people hanging out around the machine for your safety. Do a quick inspection on all ATM machines for skimming devices.  These devices are little scanners that criminals... View Article

Scam Alert – Bogus Gift Cards

People nationwide are receiving an email or text informing you that a vendor (examples Target, Walmart, Best Buy) is giving away $1,000 Visa Gift Cards.  It will tell you to go to a website to claim your prize.  At this website you will input your personal... View Article

Identity Theft Protection

~Never provide personal financial information including Social Securtiy number, account numbers, password, and pin numbers over the phone or internet if you did not initiate the contact. ~Never click on the link provided in an email.  The link may contain a virus and contaminate your... View Article

Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a type of scam where thieves are looking for personal information with phone calls, text messages or emails.  They are looking for account numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers, and other confidential information.  With this information they loot money out of your accounts or run... View Article