Card Services-Debit/ATM Card

Things to know about your Mastercard Debit/ATM Card

  • Protect your Mastercard debit/ATM card as if it were cash.
  • DO NOT write your personal identification number (PIN) on your card or keep it with your card, keep this safeguarded.
  • Contact your credit union before traveling so that we can put a travel notification on your account, we will need the dates of travel and locations your Mastercard debit/ATM card will be used in.
  • NEVER give out your number over the phone or online.
  • Please remember: your Mastercard debit/ATM card may allow you to access money in your account that is set aside to cover a check that has not yet cleared. Keep an up-to-date balance of your account to avoid unwanted fees.

Lost/Stolen Mastercard Debit/ATM Card
269-965-1381 (During business hours)
800-543-5073 (After business hours)

Plans to travel?
Let us know! For your protection, please notify us of your travel plans to avoid service interruption with your Mastercard debit card. This helps let us, as well as our SecurLOCK Fraud Protection Department, know to expect out of area purchases. Stop in or call 269-965-1381 during regular business hours so we can put a travel notification on your account

Using your Mastercard Debit/ATM Card

  • Must be approved for share draft to activate debit card privileges
  • Low $1.00 per transaction fee at ATMs other than Grand Trunk Credit Union
  • No annual fee
  • $5.00 PIN reminder
  • $10.00 card replacement for lost/damaged cards
  • $25.00 NSF overdrawn transaction

**If there are any issues running your Mastercard debit card for a signature based transaction, please try running it as a PIN based transaction. If the issue continues, please contact your credit union at 269-965-1381.

SecurLOCK Communicate is sent in real time via text messaging, email, and phone calls. Please be sure to have your contact information up-to-date with us! This helps monitor and fight to keep you protected from fraud!