Equifax Breach

With the Equifax Breach you may be asked to verify extra information.  We want to make sure we are talking to you and protecting your personal & financial information.
Here are the best practices to protect your personal information and credit:
~Place a security freeze on your credit reports at all four credit reporting bureaus:
*Contact each bureau to place a freeze on credit reports
*A PIN is required to thaw or unfreeze a credit report.  PROTECT THE PIN!!!

~Place a fraud alert on your credit report;
*You only need to contact one of these agencies and request that the information be passed to the other two:
*A fraud alert requires potential creditors to contact the consumer and obtain permission to open new accounts or lines of credit.
*By law, consumers are allowed to request a fraud alert every 90 days; after 90 days, they must repeat the process.
*With documentation showing they are an ID theft victim (police report), an extended fraud alert may be placed on their reports; an extended alert  lasts seven years.

Phone: 1-800-888-4213
Website: www.transunion.com

Phone: 1-800-685-1111
Website: www.equifax.com 

Phone: 1-888-397-3742
Website: www.experian.com

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