Annual Meeting Postponed

We regret to announce that we are postponing our 75th Annual Meeting.  We expect to hold our Annual Meeting later this year, but a specific date has not yet been set.  To our members who have already purchased tickets, we will gladly refund your money... View Article

Debit Card Fraud Alert

February 5, 2020 To protect our members’ information, at this time we have blocked the following areas to prevent further debit card fraud: State of California, State of Nevada and Oklahoma’s zip code of 73132.  There are multiple areas in these states that are generating... View Article

Join Our Family!

Are you an employee, retiree, or have an immediate family member of Grand Trunk Western or CN Railroad? Then you qualify to be a part of our EXCLUSIVE family! Our Credit Union understands your lifestyle like no other banking institution. Grand Trunk Battle Creek Employees... View Article

gap insurance banner

GAP PLUS on your vehicle!

A wrecked vehicle can wreck your finances if you owe more on your loan than your insurance will pay! Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Plus can help fill the gap between what your vehicle insurance will pay and what you owe on your loan. This can... View Article

Man Using a Smartphone

Access Your Account Anywhere

Can’t make it into the credit union? No problem! Members can access their account with the following options: 1. It’sMe247 right here on www.grandtrunkcu.com.* 2. CU*TALK by calling 800.860.5704.* 3. XTend Shared Branching (Available in over 150 cities) XTend Credit Unions ** *Check out the... View Article