Spring into a Great New Rate! Get 1% off* existing Auto Loans from other Financial Institutions. Ask us about GAP Protection Plus! *Subject to credit approval; restrictions apply

Spring into a Great New Rate!

Spring into a great new rate! get 1% off existing auto loans from other financial institutions! Ask us about GAP Protection Plus! 
Subject to credit approval restrictions apply.

There’s no doubt about it, interest rates are on the rise everywhere. But at Grand Trunk (Battle Creek) Employees Federal Credit Union, we’ve still got you covered.

We are keeping our rates competitive! And, if you already have an auto loan with another lender, you may qualify for 1% off your current rate, or re-finance at the current GT(BC)EFCU rate, whichever saves you more. *

GT(BC)EFCU Auto Loans offer:

  • Competitive rates
  • A variety of terms and rates to fit your needs
  • The convenience of applying and closing from the comfort of your home
  • Bi-weekly and direct deposit payment options

Apply for an auto loan today

* No other specials may be combined with this offer. GT(BC)EFCU’s floor is 5.74%. Only loans from other financial institutions qualify for this program. No add-ons or rewrites for existing GT(BC)EFCU loans. Rates and terms are for qualified buyers and are subject to change without prior notice. Payroll or direct deposit setup maybe required at the time of closing.

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