Loan Accounts

We are on the right track when it comes to loans …. we will loan money on almost anything … you find it, you need it, we can finance it! Our goal is
to be your primary financial institution … We promise to try and match the car dealer’s rates!  Check out our loans, our rates and call for a loan, apply on line….we are here to serve YOU. Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it and is nourished by it.

Member service is not a department … it’s an attitude!

New/Used Autos


See what a GREAT deal you can get at

Comparative shopping is a MUST!


Use our handy & fun calculator to figure your payments (this calculator does not include Credit Disability or Credit Life Insurance)

Call us to see what your payments will be with Credit Disability or Credit Life Insurance. (this could make your payments if your are off sick or injured, under doctors care, for 14 days retro back to the last day worked).

Fill out your application.

Have your dealer fax your sales agreement here (269) 965-6558.

Give LJ or LINDSEY a call (269)965-7515 or 800-524-2402.

Signature Loan

We offer signature loans to qualifying members. Fill out an application to see if you qualify for a signature loan. If approved you may have up to $7500.00 available to borrow. Payments and interest rates vary with the length of the loan.

Shares Tied

If you wish to tie your shares to a loan you can borrow up to your share balance. Interest is at the PRIME rate with no margin. Your shares will be tied (not available for your use) until your loan is paid in full. However your SHARES are still in your account drawing dividends!!

Revolving Credit

When you qualify for our revolving credit loan you can have funds available (after approval and set up) for:

  • that trip to grandma’s
  • that new couch-you just must have
  • those unexpected auto repairs
  • that great fishing trip
  • anything! Up to your credit limit of course!

Just give us a call and we can get that ready for you!!!

Apply now!!!!!!!!! 14% APR.

Line-of-Credit (Overdraft Protection)

We offer a line of credit to qualifying members to protect your Sharedraft account. Fill out an application to see if you qualify! After approval you’ll have $500.00 available for those little emergencies. Minimum monthly payments $25.00. APR 15%


Don’t forget that your Credit Union has — VISA — the right credit card for you!!!!!!

  • No annual fees
  • 30 day grace period on all purchases

Hurry and apply for a low interest rate VISA card now!!!


Looking for a house? WE (your Credit Union) can help…because we have a mortgage company that believes in you and will treat you like a “credit union” person. You know, that special way only a credit union can do!!

Member First Mortgage

  • They pay interest on escrow!
  • They service the loan for life – -guaranteed!
  • Other mortgage companies can sell your loan up to 40 different mortgage companies, that’s not member service!
  • They offer construction/permanent loans , with only one closing!
  • Funded by your credit union for up to 15 years.

Mortgage for:

  • Home purchases
  • New construction (modular too!)
  • Refinancing

PLEASE call Member First Mortgage or visit their website—-really cool!!

Toll free =1-866-898-1818
Fax =616-538-5415

Remember….MEMBER FIRST MORTGAGE…a real Credit Union Mortgage company.

Home Equity

Our home equity loans are set up as a Home Equity Line of Credit loan – you can continue to add funds onto the loan as it pays down — for up to 5 years (this is called a 5-year draw). At the end of the 5 years it changes to a closed-end loan with a 10 year payback.

We can use up to 80% of the value of your home less any existing mortgage balance.

Our home equity loans are figured at the Prime Interest Rate with no margin, and variable interest rate (the ceiling is 15% and the floor is 6%) adjusted quarterly.(January, April, July and October).

Give us a call and we can mail you a home equity package or stop in and pick one up. We can only do Michigan home equities..

Give us a call with any questions that you may have regarding any of our loans.

Mobile Homes

To purchase a mobile home the Credit Union will need a sales agreement from a Dealer or if from an individual we may request a visual inspection and copy of the title.

A down payment of 10% for new or newer mobile homes (up to 6 years old) (20% for used mobile homes over 6 years old may be required). We will also need “PARK” approval for occupancy before loan can be disbursed. Sorry it can not be used on private property.

If you have found your perfect home Call your loan department at 965-1381 today.