Fraud is Everywhere, Especially this Holiday Season

In the last month Grand Trunk (BC) Employees Federal Credit Union has seen a significant increase in the number of fraud attempts against our members. These have included:

  • 3 instances of a gift card scam where fraudsters attempted to convince members to buy gift cards from random retail outlets promising a cash prize or refund.
  • 2 social media fake website scams where members were enticed to click an advertisement on Facebook which took them to a legitimate looking but fake website to make a purchase.
  • 1 scammer was able to convince a member to share account access information for the member’s online banking.
  • 1 mail scam where the letterhead and company information looked legitimate but was referencing a fake financial investment and had an incorrect company phone number and website.

Please help us protect you by remembering the following:

  • If you receive a call or an email promising cash or prizes, or a refund for an overcharge, it’s a scam. If they ask you to purchase gift cards and take pictures of the numbers on the front and the pin numbers on the back it is a scam.
  • Don’t ever click a link in an email asking you to share your personal account information. The same is true with phone calls. Even if the caller seems legitimate, it is better to hang up and contact us with questions.
  • If it seems too good to be true, it is. If you see an ad on social media for something that you’d like to buy, it’s better to do an internet search for the company and product yourself, than it is to click the link. Only make purchases from known and reputable companies and even then, only if you see the locked padlock icon associated with a secure website.

Fraudsters are getting more savvy every day, and we are here to help. If you have any doubts about a transaction or information request, stop and call us at 269-965-1381 immediately. Let us help you keep your funds safe and secure this holiday season!

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