Term Share Account (Certificates)

Our Credit Union offers different types of term share accounts (certificates), 6 month, 1-year; 2-year; 3-year; and 4-year.

The dividend rate is declared by our Board of Directors for all term share accounts.

  • 182-day term share – dividends may be paid monthly or at maturity date. Minimum balance is $10,000.00.
  • 1-Year; 2-Year; 3-Year & 4-Year term share – dividends may be compounded every quarter unless otherwise paid. Minimum balance is $1,000.00.

No additional funds may be added to a term share account after opening and a penalty may apply for early withdrawal of funds.

Term share accounts will automatically renew at maturity (unless funds are withdrawn) at the same term as the original, with the dividend rate the same as offered on new term share accounts.

There is seven calendar days (grace period) to withdraw funds without an early withdrawal penalty