Learn more about Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Now Available for Mastercard and VISA!

Digital Wallet

Grand Trunk (BC) EFCU members now have the option of securely storing your Grand Trunk debit and credit cards on your mobile device to easily make purchases on the go at participating businesses! Digital wallet allows you to securely save your credit card or debit card information and pay right from your Apple, Samsung, or Android device.

Paying with a digital wallet is the safest way to shop!

  • Protection from data breaches
    • The business where you use your digital wallet at receives a single use code while processing your payment. It does not use your name, card number or security code. This means you are more protected; even if that business were hacked because your card number would not be compromised.
  • Fingerprint or Face ID Security
    • Your mobile device’s fingerprint ID or face ID for login adds another level of protection. If your device is lost or stolen, your mobile wallet cannot be used.

Add your Mastercard Debit and/or Visa Credit Card to your digital wallet on your mobile device. Then shop with a merchant that accepts digital wallet payments. When its time to check out, choose the card you would like to use from your digital wallet and complete your purchase with ease.

Look for the Tap to pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay symbols at checkout.

Learn More:

About Apple Pay

How to set up Apple Pay

About Google Pay

How to set up Google Pay:

  • Download the app – download the Google Pay app from Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Add your card(s) – follow the app instructions on how to add your card(s)
  • Make a purchase

About Samsung Pay

How to set up Samsung Pay:

  • Open the Samsung Pay app, click the get started button and set up your backup PIN
  • Add your card(s)
  • Select the card verification method you want and follow the verification instructions
  • Secure it with your fingerprint

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