The Credit Union Difference

The Credit Union Difference!

Webster’s New World Dictionary (1960): credit union, a co-operative association for pooling savings of members and making loans to them at a low rate of interest.

Grand Trunk (BC) Employees Federal Credit Union (Today): PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE!

Credit Unions are owned by YOU, the member! Unlike other financial institutions where stockholders are in charge, becoming a member with Grand Trunk (BC) Employees Federal Credit Union means that you own one “share” of the organization. What does this mean for you? Being a user of credit union services puts you in charge and gives you the ability to vote on important issues and take part in elections of member representatives that serve on our board of directors.

YOUR credit union aims to provide you with a safe and convenient place to save and borrow at reasonable rates! We are here to benefit you, not to make a profit. Grand Trunk (BC) Employees Federal Credit Union has been proudly serving railroaders and their families since 1945.

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