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Celebrate International Credit Union Day Thursday October 20th with donuts and cider as our thank you for being a member!
This year lets celebrate the difference that you make to YOUR credit union as Grand Trunk (BC) EFCU would not be what it is without all of our wonderful members.  Small Credit Union = LARGE Family

Chip Card Technology Coming SOON!

Your GTEFCU Visa credit cards and MasterCard Debit/ATM cards now offer built-in chip technology!!  These cards offer enhanced security, global acceptance, and are still easy to use. For more information click on the What’s New tab for all the details!

Debit Card Text & Robo Calls

ATTN: MasterCard Debit/ATM Card Holders
There are members receiving text messages saying there is an issue
with their Debit Card and to call the number listed.
The credit union will not send you a text or call you with an automated system
about your Debit/ATM  or VISA card.  We will NEVER ask for you to enter your
card number, PIN number, or account number.
Please call your credit union with any questions.

MasterCard SecureCode

Protect your VISA and Debit cards by registering them below.

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