School Supply Drive for Pennfield!

Join us in getting Pennfield Schools stocked with school supplies to kick off the new school year! Grand Trunk (BC) EFCU will be collecting school supply donations in the lobby through the start of the school year. We are a People Helping People family and we appreciate our membership for all they do in helping us achieve this philosophy! Below is a list of donations we will be accepting!

-Kleenex/tissue (non-lotion) -Clorox wipes -Hand sanitizer -Crayons (24 pack) -Markers (8 classic colors) -Big erasers (pink) (or pencil tip erasers) -No. 2 Pencils (yellow) -Dry erase markers -Glue sticks -3 Ring binders (1 inch) -Highlighters -Colored pencils -Scissors -Subject/pocket folders -Scotch tape -Wide-Ruled notebook/notepads -1 Subject spiral notebooks -Staplers -Staples -White out -Post-its -Index cards -Scientific calculators -Rulers

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